Welcome to ANZCA

Phil-captionWelcome to the website of the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association. You’ll find information on conferences, on the journals we own and are affiliated with, and a rich archive of papers on communication and material about the association.

If you look up to the ANZCA header, just above this message, you’ll see a quote from Professor Lelia Green, one of our dynamic past presidents, “ANZCA is a rare thing in today’s scholarly world: a generalist organisation… very few organisations are as diverse and as friendly.” I want to second that emotion.

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ANZCA continues to be collegial and supportive while maintaining its academic rigour. It’s not hard to do, as is demonstrated year after year at the Annual conference we hold. We warmly welcome any scholar who is researching in the broad discipline of communication whether that is in political communication, journalism, digital media, organisational communication, media history, creative industries, international media, environmental communication, media studies, cross-cultural, interpersonal or intrapersonal communication, to name just a few of the specialities that come under our umbrella.

We actively connect Australian and New Zealand communication scholarship with the wider world through the academic journals we support. The journal, Communication Research and Practice, published by ANZCA in conjunction with Taylor and Francis and edited by Professor Terry Flew, draws on scholarship from not just Australia and New Zealand but is read extensively in Asia, Europe and North America. Media International Australia, which is affiliated with ANZCA, published by Sage Publishers and edited by A/Prof Rowan Wilken, goes from strength to strength. Both of these journals are distributed to active ANZCA members.

Young scholars, ECRs and academics employed as casuals are very welcome at ANZCA. We recognise the valuable contribution you make to ensuring our future is as successful as our past. ANZCA’s next conference will be hosted by the vibrant cohort of scholars at Sydney University in 2017 and we also hold lively regional events organised by our regional representatives. We are represented at global communication conferences through our Executive and undertake special panel presentations at these events with our leading ANZCA scholars.

Membership also gives you access to our social media pages where issues of the day are discussed and debated. For updates on the ANZCA network, please follow us on Facebook.

A/Prof Phillip McIntyre, ANZCA President (2016–17)