Anne Dunn Scholar of the Year Award

The award is in memory of a remarkable broadcaster, journalism educator and media scholar. Anne was known for her efforts to build bridges, whether between industry and the academy or across academic disciplines, for her mentoring of younger women making the adjustment from working in news media to academia and for her life-long commitment to public sector broadcasting.

Anne Dunn Scholar of the Year Award 2015

To commemorate the life and work of a much valued and sorely missed colleague – Professor Anne Dunn – the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA), and members of Anne Dunn’s family decided to offer an annual award worth $3,000 for an Anne Dunn scholar of the year. This award recognises excellence in research about the fields of communications or journalism, including but not limited to broadcast media for the public benefit.

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Inaugural WA Communication Culture and Media symposium

ANZCA was very proud to support the inaugural West Australian Communication Culture and Media (WACCM) symposium at Curtin University on Friday 13th February. The event was a huge success, attended by almost 60 West Australian scholars and organisers were thrilled to see such excitement among our postgrads, confirming to us all the significant research that continues to emerge out of WA.

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Digging the Data 2015

On Friday 17th April media scholars from across Australia (QUT, USYD, Intersect, Swinburne and UNE) met at the USYD to discuss a range of digital research methods and projects. The event raised an excellent dialogue for the future of digital research methods and resulted in the formation of a working group for the next ANZCA conference in July.

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