Past recipients of the Christopher Newell Award

2009 Kate Holland (University of Canberra), 'Suicide and the Media: Identifying Some Blind Spots'
2010 Elspeth Tilley and Tyron Love (Massey University), 'Learning from Kaupapa Māori: Issues and Techniques for Engagement'
2011 Frank Sligo (Massey University), '“Although they are looking at the words, they are not actually reading”: Apprentices’ liminal literacy and literacy tutors' dilemmas'
2012 Holly Reid and Kerry McCallum,  default '“Weighing in”: The Australian’s reporting of child abuse in Northern Territory Indigenous Communities' (234.71 kB)
2013 Not awarded
2014 Katie Ellis, Disability in the Buffyverse: Fanfic, cliff notes and the digital novelisation of television
2015 Elizabeth Gray, Kane Hopkins and Christine Kirkwood, 'Readable, audible, navigable: accessible communication for the non-profit health sector'. Published in Communication Research and Practice,
2016 Ramaswami Harindranath, 'Multiculturalism, interculturalism and communicating: negotiating diversity and complexity.'