ACA/ANZCA Presidents

This list of Presidents stands in lieu of a comprehensive list of ACA and ANZCA executive officers (Treasurers, Secretaries and State Representatives, Newsletter editors, etc.). The significance of the Presidency, however, is that under the ACA/ANZCA constitution the Vice President organises the conference and becomes the President. Thus, this list is a guide to those two offices, as well as the organising institution for the conference.

Period of Tenure President Institution
1979-81 William Crocker Armidale College of Advanced Education
1981-83 Harry Irwin Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education

July 1983. Executive changed to one-year cycle.

1983-84 Bill Bonney New South Wales Institute of Technology
1984-85 John Fiske Western Australian Institute of Technology
1985-86 Robyn Penman Canberra College of Advanced Education/Communication Research Institute of Australia
1986-87 David Sless Communication Research Institute of Australia
1987-88 Elizabeth More Macquarie University
1988-89 Grant Noble University of New England
1989-90 Bruce Molloy Queensland University of Technology
1990-91 Russ McKinnon Deakin University, Warrnambool
1991-92 William Ticehurst University of Technology, Sydney
1992-93 Peter Putnis Bond University
1993-94 Helen Borland Victoria University of Technology
1994-95 R. Warwick Blood Charles Sturt University
1995-96 David McKie Edith Cowan University
1996-97 Roslyn Petelin Queensland University of Technology
1997-98 Sue Turnbull La Trobe University
1998-99 Shirley Leitch University of Waikato
1999-00 Marsha Durham University of Western Sydney
2000-01 Helen Wilson Southern Cross University
2001-02 Lelia Green Edith Cowan University
2002-03 Mary Power Bond University
2003-04 Caroline Hatcher Queensland University of Technology
2004-05 Anne Dunn University of Sydney
2005-06 Colleen Mills University of Canterbury
2006-07 Chika Anyanwu University of Adelaide
2007-08 John Tebbutt La Trobe University
2008-09 Jocelyn Williams Unitec New Zealand
2009-10 Terry Flew Queensland University of Technology
2010-11 Kerry McCallum University of Canberra
2011-12 Alison Henderson University of Waikato
2012-13 Chika Anyanwu University of Adelaide
2013-14 Terence Lee Murdoch University
2014-15 Diana Bossio Swinburne University
2015-16 Donald Matheson University of Canterbury
2016-17 Phillip McIntyre University of Newcastle
2017-18 Gerard Goggin University of Sydney
2018-19 Mary Simpson University of Waikato
2019-20 Sora Park University of Canberra

Sources: Personal communication Warwick Blood, Bill Ticehurst, 'Ten Years On: The Development of the Australian Communication Association', Australian Communication Review 10(3) (September 1989): 32-43, ANZCA News section in Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy, 'ANZCA Newsletter'.