ANZCA Honorary Life Members

William J. Crocker, Foundation President. Awarded for his services to communication studies. Awarded at 1986 Annual AGM.
Henry Mayer, Founding Editor Media Information Australia.
Grant Noble, in recognition of his long commitment to the Association, and contribution to communication research, especially on the use of the telephone. Motion put by Robyn Penman and carried at 1994 Executive meeting.
Roslyn Petelin, Past President and Editor Australian Journal of Communication.*
Harry Irwin, Past President.*
Bill Ticehurst, Past President.*
Robyn Penman, Past President.*
Julie Dixon, Secretary of the Association for over ten years.*
Jolyon Sykes, Secretary-Treasurer for ten years. Awarded at the 2018 AGM.

*Awarded at the 1999 ANZCA conference AGM, for their central role in the creation and continuation of ANZCA over two decades.


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