From the Archive

Re-print: 'Ten Years On: The Development of the Australian Communication Association', by Bill Ticehurst. An account of the first ten years of the Association first published in the Australian Communication Review in 1989.

Re-print: Two pieces by the Founding President Bill Crocker in the ACA Newsletter 1(1) and 1(2). Bill Crocker proposed that the primary focus of the then A.C.A be interpersonal communication, and while the interdisciplinary interests of members proved to extend beyond this area from the beginning, it nevertheless formed an important, and not always well-understood, driving force in the early days of the ACA.

'Presidents Reflect on ANZCA: Past and Future'. The session from the 2002 Conference in Queensland featuring Bruce Molloy, Peter Putnis, Warwick Blood, Sue Turnbull, Shirley Leitch, Helen Wilson and Lelia Green. Published in the Australian Journal of Communication30(1): 1-24.

'Thinking About the History of ANZCA: An Australian Perspective'. An article, building on the past presidents' session, published in the Australian Journal of Communication31(2): 13-51.

'Our Search for Meaning in Changing Times: An Interview with Bill Ticehurst'. Edited transcript of an interview with past president Bill Ticehurst.