Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association.

ANZCA members are engaged in research, education and public debate in the fields of Communication and Media Studies. We are a premier academic association with a diversity of members, shaping important scholarship for the next generation of educators and researchers.

ANZCA’s scholarship is at the forefront in studying the changing dynamics of media, communication and related fields.

We inform social policy through wide ranging forms of scholarship in a range of key fields. Our research is increasingly important and impactful, at a time when new media and communication technologies are shaping so much about how we communicate with each other.

2020 marks an important milestone in the Association’s history, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. This will be a focus of our next conference, which is planned for Melbourne in December 2020.

In addition to our annual conference, we also offer regional events which allow members to engage with the local research and practice communities.
ANZCA publishes two internationally renowned indexed journals: Communication Research and Practice, and Media International Australia. As an ANZCA member you receive free access to our journals.

We are an independent association, driven by the interests and aspirations of members. Our members contribute to the production of knowledge through conferences and publications, and they also participate in many other ways through group representatives, committees, working parties and other events.

Sora Park
ANZCA President, 2019-2020