Grant Noble Award for best postgraduate paper

The Grant Noble Award honours the contribution of Grant Noble to the Association and his pioneering work in the field of Communication in Australia. The inaugural Grant Noble Prize was announced for the 1996 Brisbane conference, open to all postgraduate/honours students and graduands (excluding academic staff) [see MIA 79 (1996): 58]. It was not awarded for three years and re-launched for the 1999 conference as the Grant Noble Award for best paper submitted by a postgraduate student (excluding full-time academic staff) to the Annual Conference as judged by the ANZCA Executive [see MIA 88 (1998): 5]. In early 2002, the Faculty of Arts at the University of New England, where Noble worked from 1976 to 1994, agreed to sponsor the Award for three years. UNE has now decided to exend its support for this award for a further five years to 2020.

This award recognises Grant's scholarly commitment and leadership. By way of background, Grant Noble was, along with Henry Mayer and Bill Bonney, a significant scholar at a time when there were few avenues for postgraduate training in communication studies in Australia. Many media and communications postgraduates at this time undertook their work in other disciplines such as education or psychology or linguistics. Although Grant Noble's disciplinary training was in psychology he retained a major interest in media and communications. His studies of children's media and telephone use are still valuable today. An interdisciplinary approach was characteristic of his work, and indeed typical of much Australian work in communication studies at that time.

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