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ANZCA 2002

Communication: Reconstructed for the 21st Century: Refereed Proceedings of the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association International Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland July 10-12, 2002

Edited by Dr Mary Power

Politics, Values, Culture, Gender and Communication

default  Beyond the digital divide: Re-thinking information poverty (46.58 kB)
Frank Sligo and Jocelyn Williams

default  Space, memory, and power in Australia: the case for no nation (37.96 kB)
Elspeth Tilley

default  Values of the Dutch: An inventory and the value dimensions (49.66 kB)
Joke Oppenhuisen and Dirk Sikkel

default  To be or not to be: An Analysis of Political Rhetoric in the New Zealand Debate on Genetic Modificat (35.34 kB)
Doug Ashwell and Su Olsson

default  Making Spectacles of Ourselves: The Site/Sight of Woman as Leader (37.97 kB)
Jillian Clare

default  Reconstructing Gender for the 21st Century: News Media Framing of Political Women in New Zealand (38.71 kB)
Judy McGregor and Susan Fountain

default  Taxonomy of the Political Campaign (35.21 kB)
Stephen Stockwell

Communication Processes in Organisations and Communities

default  Educating Senta: Workplace Learning and the Management of Emotion (40.77 kB)
Caroline Hatcher and Senta Sharp

default  Participatory Communication in Indigenous Health Development: A Focus Group Study (55.45 kB)
Netra Khadka

default  Fruit Of The Vine: In-House Perceptions Of An Organisation's Grapevine Activity (39.66 kB)
Colleen Mills

Journalism at the Turning Point

default  Restating News Values: Contemporary Criteria for Selecting the News (38.71 kB)
Judy McGregor

default  Hard News Is No News: The Changing Shape Of News In The 21st Century (33.08 kB)
Ndaeyo Uko

default  Prudence Not Prurience: A Framework For Journalists Reporting Disasters (33.95 kB)
Jacqui Ewart

default  Journalists Need To Know How To Write About Science-And We Can Show Them (36.41 kB)
Steve McIlwaine

default  The Politics of Finance Journalism: Approaches to the Field and a Rhetorical Instance (46.49 kB)
Cathy Greenfield and Peter Williams

default  Business Reporting at the Beginning of the 21st Centruy: Is It Getting Any Easier? (35.04 kB)
Jennifer Kitchener

Impacts of Media on Community and the Academy

default  Designing Graduates: Remodelling Undergraduate Study In New Media (43.32 kB)
Danny Butt

default  Communicating Disability: What's the Matter with Internet Studies? (35.63 kB)
Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell

default  From Lifestyle to Industry Clusters: Potential for Growth of Audiovisual and Creative Industries in (33.97 kB)
Cathy Henkel

default  A Critical Perspective On Current Structures Governing Internet Plagiarism: Challenges To Public Rel (41.82 kB)
Jane Johnston

default  Discourses On Plagiarism In The Academy: To Discipline And Punish Or To Teach And Learn? (32.32 kB)
Celia Thompson

default  Cognitive and Ideological Work in Computer Gameplay (304.12 kB)
Glen Spoors

Rethinking Public Relations in the New Century

default  New Information And Communication Technologies And The Demassification Of Public Relations (41.7 kB)
Donald Alexander

default  Towards A Typology Of The Public Relations Behaviour Of Organisations (37.13 kB)
Leeora Black and Charmine Härtel

default  Beyond Roleplay: Workplace Theatre And Internal Relations (38.24 kB)
Genevieve Edmond and Elspeth Tilley

default  Pharmaceutical Companies' Public Relations and Representation by Internet (49.38 kB)
Catherine Rennie and Steve Mackey

default  The Feminisation of Public Relations: What's in it for the Girls? (34.11 kB)
Jeannie Rea