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ANZCA 2003

Designing Communication for Diversity: Refereed Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Australia New Zealand Communication Association, Brisbane 2003

Preface to the Proceedings

Welcome to the 2003 annual conference of the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association, ANZCA03: Designing Communication for Diversity. This conference is proudly hosted by Queensland University of Technology. The organising committee believes and trusts we have been true to spirit of colleagiality that ANZCA has always enjoyed, whilst also maintaining a high standard as we reviewed papers, provided feedback and now present a strong body of published work in this collection of proceedings.

The theme for this year's conference, Designing Communication for Diversity, was chosen as a means of bringing together the many orientations of communication research and teaching, and providing a basis for discussion of issues arising from varying interpretations of diversity.

Our aim in this proceedings has been to present high quality work in an accessible medium, for use in the teaching and further research of all people associated with communication studies. To achieve this aim, all abstracts were double blind reviewed, and full papers submitted for the refereed division (and publication in this journal of proceedings) were subjected to a rigorous reviewing process. After the initial call for papers in November-December 2002, we received more than 129 abstracts including 52 refereed papers. The wealth of choice we had in selecting papers for this conference is a testament to interest in, and value of, communication research in the diverse streams available.

The events of the three days of ANZCA03 are the culmination of a year's work for the organising committee, and in particular, the efforts of this year's Vice President of ANZCA, Dr Caroline Hatcher. The proceedings is the product of the joint effort of Dr Caroline Hatcher, Dr Terry Flew and Joanne Jacobs. Megan Tunstall has provided outstanding support in the compilation of the papers as Joanne Jacobs guided us through the wonders of electronic communication. Additionally, the work of our Events Coordinator, Ms Kerry Williams, has been essential in moderating the submission of papers and the promotion of the conference at large. The organising committee hope that this conference will allow delegates to meet and exchange ideas with some of the leading national and international researchers in respective fields of communication, and continue the focus of work presented at ANZCA03, through ongoing commitment to the organisation in memberships, and in supporting future conferences of this association.

We trust you will have an enjoyable, stimulating and valuable three days at ANZCA03, and we look forward to seeing you again at ANZCA04 in Sydney.

ANZCA03 Editorial Committee


Publishing details

Proceedings Edited by C. Hatcher, T. Flew & J. Jacobs (2003) Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology

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Queensland University of Technology
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ISBN 0-6464221-3-8

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