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ANZCA 2005

Communication at Work: Showcasing Communication Scholarship

Refereed Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Australia New Zealand Communication Association, Christchurch 2005

 The 2005 ANZCA conference opened with a mihi (welcome) from the hosts to the scholars who had gathered from four continents for four days of academic exchange.

It was a rather special mihi, supported by the talented Christchurch guitarist Graham Waldrop. The hosts (tangata whenua), from all of Aotearoa New Zealand's universities and many of its polytechnics, welcomed the Australian ANZCA members and other visitors (manuhiri) from further afield. Each group's spokesperson addressed the conference and then their group sang a song of greeting, following a pattern inspired by the Maori protocol for welcoming visitors (the powhiri). Academics tend not to take easily to song, but on this occasion we collectively created a context where everyone was listening for something other than singing ability. From this emerged a spirit of warm collaboration and appreciation that permeated the whole conference.

We extend that same greeting again to readers of these conference proceedings, which gather together the 39 refereed papers presented at the conference in Christchurch from the 4th to 7th July 2005. We believe these proceedings are infused by some of the same spirit generated back then.

We come from diverse traditions - from business communication to media theory to sociolinguistics - but at ANZCA we have a very special opportunity to step beyond these disciplinary boundaries and broaden our understanding and appreciation of the diversity of themes and approaches that fall under the wider rubric of communication scholarship. The 2005 ANZCA conference did not disappoint. Delegates were treated to a wonderful array of stimulating and provocative papers and workshops including Janet Holmes' keynote speech on the limited repertoires available to women to perform workplace leadership. This provided one rich illustration of the ability of language to both enable and restrict social action. In the papers assembled in this publication you will find a rich seam of papers that explore other aspects of the discursive negotiation of reality. These address such interesting themes as Protestant-Catholic interaction in Northern Ireland workplaces (Owen Hargie), Viagra-ised masculine sexualities (Tiina Vares), the commodification of Polynesian culture (Emma Earl) and the interpretation of citizenship in diaspora (Chika Anyanwu). Other papers, such as Frank Sligo and Niki Culligan's exploration of the tensions in researching communities and Deborah Churchman's critique of the construction of fixed-term academic staff ask us to reflect more critically on the wider academic communicative practices in which we are complicit. In addition, there are papers on media and technology, public relations, media policy, written communication, and other areas which likewise make connections across disciplines and attest to the vitality of the Australia New Zealand Communication Association. Once again our annual conference provided quality papers on themes that ensured there was something to interest and extend everyone who attended.

We look forward to doing so again at our next ANZCA conference in Adelaide in the first week of July 2006. We would love you to join us and experience the wonderful academic fellowship and exchange that is the hallmark of ANZCA. To register see http://www.adelaide.edu.au/anzca2006/.


Publication Details:

Date of Publication: December 6, 2005

ISBN Number: 0-473-10194-7

Co-Editors: Colleen Mills and Donald Matheson

Assistant Editor: Lynette Low

Editorial Board:

Sue Abel, Victoria University of Wellington  

Chika Anyanwu, University of Adelaide  

Allan Bell, AUT 

Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, University of Waikato  

Margie Comrie, Massey University 

Mike Consedine (No affiliation)  

Anne Dunn, University of Sydney  

Anna Eblen, Western Washington University  

Tony Farrow, CPIT 

Anders Hansen, University of Leicester 

Caroline Hatcher, Queensland University of Technology  

Helen Hayward, University of Canterbury  

Elizabeth Henley, CPIT  

Wayne Hope, AUT 


Margaret Hughes, CPIT  

Marainne Klaricich, CPIT  

Shirley Leitch, University of Waikato

Steven Maras, University of Sydney

Meredith Marra, Victoria University of Wellington

Jim McGuigan, Loughborough University

Judy Motion, University of Waikato

Mohammed Musa, University of Canterbury

Penny O'Donnell, University of Technology Sydney

Su Olsson, Massey University

Sue Tait, University of Canterbury

Peter Thompson, Unitec

C. Kay Weaver, Waikato University

Ruth Zanker, CPIT



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