Janet Holmes
default   The Glass Ceiling - Does Talk Contribute? Gendered discourse in the New Zealand workplace (184.09 kB)


Communication At Work

Churchman, D and Hanisch, J
default  Making sense in isolation: The influences of computer-mediated communication technologies on shared (83.41 kB)

Churchman, D
default   You will do: The construction of meaning and identify by sessional academic staff (71.13 kB)

Hargie, O
default  Relational communication between catholics and protestants in the Northern Ireland workplace: a study of policies, practices and procedures (114.44 kB)

Marra, M and Holmes, J
default   Constructing ethnicity and leadership through storytelling at work (59.21 kB)

Mules, P
default   Using virtual stories to resolve workplace miscommunication (95.42 kB)

Olsson, S and Comrie, M
default   The unacknowledged divide: Perceptions of literacy and communication needs in the workplace (169.25 kB)

Srismith, K
default  Quality culture, and integrated communications. An exploratory case study in a Thai health care setting (536.88 kB)


The Media at Work

Bossio, D
default   Be alert, not alarmed: governmental communication of risk in an era of insecurity (80.32 kB)

Comrie, M and Fountaine, S
default   Who is making the news? (218.96 kB)

Patel, A
default   The mass media at work as a guardian of trust (62.51 kB)

Sharman, N
default   The media and 'The Movement': The New York Times' coverage of the Chicago Eight conspiracy trial (65.86 kB)

Thompson, P
default  Calling the tune without paying the paper? The political economic contradictions for the TVNZ charter (123.94 kB)


Communication and Technology

Goggin, G
default  Mobile phone culture and the love of text messaging (493.42 kB)

Hudson, E and Kenyon, A
default   Communication in the digital environment: An empirical study into copyright law and digitisation practices in public museums, galleries and libraries (96.67 kB)

Jessop, G
default   Mobile phones, driving and work: Current debates and historical reflections (92.41 kB)

Johnston, J
default   Communication within Global Space: Negotiations of local/global tensions within the Computer Antivirus industry (105.3 kB)

van Heekeren, M
default   What the web news reader wants: an analysis of readership story preference (103.52 kB)

Williams, J
default  Household life and social use of the internet (190.19 kB)


Representation and Identity

Cady, E.T., Harris, R.J., Hermesch, J.R. and Pettus, P
default   Images and perception of smoking in the movies: Does smoking glamorize characters? (174.4 kB)

Earl, E
default   Brand New Zealanders: The commodification of Polynesian youth identity in television advertising (89.63 kB)

Goggin, G and Newell, C
default   Media Bios; or Harvie Krumpet and the ethics of disability and death (65.57 kB)

Gong, L
default   Divergence behind consensus: a critical discourse analysis of the Australian and Chinese press coverage of Athens' preperations for the 2004 Olympic Games (157.54 kB)

Tokley, A
default   Creating Working Women: Australian Women's Weekly 1940s Fiction and the Construction of Female Identity (53.63 kB)

Vares, T
default   Negotiating Masculinities: Reading Viagra/Talking Sex (53.47 kB)


Communication Policy

Anyanwu, C
default   Virtual citizenship and diasporic discourse (114.2 kB)

Dwyer, T
default   The big bang, new media and discourses of ICT enablement (99.02 kB)

Fountaine, S
default   Searching for balance: free expression and protection from harm (135.94 kB)

Lustyik, K
default   Localizing the global in New Zealand? Nickelodeon and the institutional logics of media conglomerat (78.37 kB)


Written Communication

Ellis, J
default   So you want to write a text book (92.65 kB)

Williamson, D
default  Professional writing in communication studies (369.04 kB)


Public and Community Relations

Kelley, C.E.
default   With God on his side: Deconstructing the Post-9/11 discourse of President George W. Bush (163.2 kB)

Mackey, S
default  A rhetorical theory of public relations opening the door to semoitic and pragmatism approaches (76.84 kB)

Maras, S
default   Some theses on critical communications practice (114.27 kB)

Patel, A and Xavier, R
default   Legitimacy challenged: James Hardie Industries and the Asbestos Case (98.28 kB)

Sligo, F and Culligan, N
default   Rethinking research assumptions about community, and community assumptions about research: the literacy and employment program (172.17 kB)

van Onselen, P and Errington, W
default   The permanent campaign comes to Australia: Communication strategies in the 2004 federal election (128.49 kB)

van Onselen, R and Errington, W
default   The government members secretariat: the beating heart of Australia's PR State (288.38 kB)