Empowerment, Creativity and Innovation: Challenging Media and Communication in the 21st Century: ANZCA 2006 Refereed Proceedings

The following papers, listed in alphabetical order by first author of each paper, were accepted as refereed papers at ANZCA06, and were accordingly published in the Conference Proceedings:

Alexander, D M.
default  Reframing Leadership Communication: Consequences for Organisational Leaders Resulting from Communication Failure: An Australian Cast Study (140.87 kB)

Baker, S.
icon Examining the changing face of television current affairs programmes in New Zealand from a 'political economy' perspective (122 kB)

Balnaves, M.
default  The Impact of Digital Personae on Privacy: positive and negative rights in the case of kids at risk (183.9 kB)

Balnaves, M.
default  Islamic Communities and Media Activism in Australia (102.23 kB)

Barber, S.
default  Driving the Narrative to Reconciliation: The Tracker as Road Picture (109.24 kB)

Barber, S.
default  Creative Disabilities and Vulnerable Bodies In Women In The Bush (134.1 kB)

Barker, M.J.
default  Civil Society, Empowered or Overpowered: The Role of The Mass Media in ‘Promoting Democracy’ Worldwide (116.22 kB)

Blood, R.W. and McCallum, K.
default   Leadership and Abuse: News framing of the Iraqi War and Terrorism during the 2004 Federal Election. (115.27 kB)

Bolton, T.
default  News on the Net: A Critical Analysis of The Potential of Online Alternative Journalism to Challenge (126.49 kB)

Bosland, J.
default  ‘Beyond Broadcasting’: Facing the Future of Australian Content in The Digital Audiovisual Environment (186.55 kB)

Buchanan, E. and Luck, E.
default  Communication trends to non-profits (166.31 kB)

Caple, H.
default  Nuclearity in the News Story – The Genesis of Image Nuclear News Stories (3.35 MB)

Cocker, A.
default  The Television New Zealand Charter: Rethinking Deregulated Broadcasting (150.11 kB)

Corcoran, P.
default  Emotional Framing in Australian Journalism (1.01 MB)

Courtney, G and Mehta, A.M.
default  Stamping Their Ground: A Study of Public Opinion and Activists (191.68 kB)

Fitch, K. and Surma, A.
default  Challenges for public relations: working in an international framework (139.65 kB)

Gauthier, P.
default  Crosscutting Revisited: The Impact of Historical Research into Early Cinema on A Key Element of Classical Narrative Cinema (130 kB)

Goggin, G.
default  Mobile Television: Technology and Cultural Form (153.05 kB)

Hanisch, J and Churchman, D.
default  Virtual communities of practice: A study of communication, community and organisational learning (124.04 kB)

Kim, J. and Hatcher, C.
default  Managing Corporate Identities in a Changing Environment: A Case Study of a Public Sector Shared Serv (269.94 kB)

Hibbert, Z. and Hannan, M.
default  The Chain of Command Model: A Case Study of One Organisation’s Journey to Re-Value Public Affairs (93.15 kB)

Isakhan, B.
default  Iraq’s December 2005 Election: Reporting Democratisation in The Australian and Middle Eastern Print (131.52 kB)

Kampf, C.
default  Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility via The Internet: Examining The Cultural Bounds of Rep (1017.16 kB)

Kampf, C.
default  Situated Communication: Identity and Rhetoric in The Kumeyaay Web Presence (517.7 kB)

Lim, T.
default  The Social and Cultural Integrative Role of Asian Media Productions In The New Millennium: Pan-Asian and International Co-Productions (199.25 kB)

Mackey, S.
default  Rhetorical Theory and Public Relations: From the Agora to the Postmodern (149.01 kB)

Mahoney, J.
default  Towards a New Construct for Communication During Organizational Change (126.42 kB)

Marjoribanks, T.
default  Competition and Cooperation: Organisational Communication within the Australian Football League (84.81 kB)

Muir, K.
default  Sky Channel and the Battle for Australians’ Hearts and Minds: The ACTU’s use of Media in the ‘Rights (118.65 kB)

Nicholls, S.
default  Disaster Memorials as Government Communication (109.1 kB)

Nolan, D.
default  Contesting the Middle Ground: The Regulation of Objectivity in ABC Journalism (136.41 kB)

O'Regan, T. and Ryan, M.
default  Trajectories of Broadband: The Coming, Going and Return of Broadband (167.74 kB)

Rickard, S.
default  Colour My World. The Consumption Junction Meets D Digital Lifestyle (110.92 kB)

Shellock, D.
default  The Pantomime Public Sphere:New Zealand Broadcasting News 1923-1962 (152.33 kB)

Simmons, P.
default  Tackling Abuse of Officials: Attitudes and Communication Skills of Experienced Football Referees (161.2 kB)

Sison, M.D.
default  Agents Of Conscience, Control And/Or Compliance: The Roles Of Australian Public Relations Practition (108.07 kB)

Trisnawati, S.
A Visual Social Semiotic Approach for Investigating the Effectiveness of Multimedia Text Material

Sykes, J.
default  A Tradition of Sedition: Journalism for the Public Benefit (136.94 kB)

Van Onselen, P. and Errington, W.
default  John Howard the Great Communicator: No, Really! (164.43 kB)

Van Onselen, P. and Errington, W.
default  The Howard Government's Industrial Relations Information Campaign and the Limits to Incumbency Advan (147.95 kB)

Waller, D.S. and Hingorani, A.
default  Perceptions of Business Students towards Skills and Attributes for Industry: How Important is Commun (156.36 kB)

Williamson, D.
default  Problems in ‘Political’ Documentary: Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 (122.92 kB)

Xavier, R. and Mehta, A.M
default  Increasing Transparency: Utilising Criterion-Referenced Assessment to enhance Student Learning in Pu (115.18 kB)

Xavier, R., Mehta, A.M. and Larkin, I.K.
default  Great Expectations: Understanding Undergraduate Students’ Perspectives on Public Relations Careers (110.03 kB)

Zanker, R.
default  Literacy for Citizen/Consumers: A Website Case Study. (150.61 kB)