Communication, Creativity and Global Citizenship: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communicaiton Association Conference 2009

default  Introduction to refereed proceedings (32.43 kB)
Terry Flew

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication
Balnaves, M. and O'Regan, T.
default  Comparing Television Ratings Conventions: Australian and American Approaches to Broadcast Ratings (227.86 kB)

Dana, T. and Kenix, L. J.
default  Determining Values Depicted in Advertisements: A Study of prime-time Television in New Zealand (133.69 kB)

Kerr, G., Dickinson, S., Waller, D. and Mortimer, K.
default  Testing Advertising via New Media: An Exploratory Study of Advertising Practitioner Attitudes (46.01 kB)

Communication and Pedagogy
Mitchell, M.
default  Evaluating the effectiveness of an organisational communication assessment using frameworks from cog (56.92 kB)

Perkins, S. and Ayodeji, J.
default  Rehearsing identities via Online Journals (155.04 kB)

Petelin, R.
default  Writing pedagogy: Pluralism required, but rhetoric rules (63.86 kB)

Communication Ethics
Johnston, J. and Breit, R.
default  Consturcting legal narratives: law, language and the media (112.84 kB)

Creativity and Communication
McIntyre, P.
default  Rethinking Communication, Creativity and Cultural Production: Outlining Issues for Media Practice (78.35 kB)

Sligo, F.
default  Are New Zealand managers getting less literate and, if so, should we care? (160.14 kB)

Digital and Social Media
Ben-Harush, O.
default  Defining Friendworks; Communication perspective on Social networks Types (81.64 kB)

Knight, M. and Green, L.
default  BitTorrents and Family Guy: teenage peer group interactions around a peer-to-peer Internet download (71.18 kB)

Holmes, D.
default  Ritual and Media: the legacies of French Anthropology (55.63 kB)

Humphreys, S.
default  The economies within an online social network market. A case study of Ravelry (84.67 kB)

Self, A.
default  DITA and the Challenges of Single-Source Article Publishing (264.29 kB)

Spurgeon, C., Burgess, J., Klaebe, H., McWilliam, K., Tacchi, J., and Tsai, M.
default  Co-creative Media: Theorising Digital Storytelling as a platform for researching and developing part (62.44 kB)

Disability and Communication
Holland, K.
default  Suicide and the media: identifying some blind spots (104.09 kB)

Ryan, M.
default  At Breaking Point? Challenges for Australian Film Policy through the Lens of Genre (horror) Films (72.53 kB)

Global Media and Communication
Kostic, Z.
default  The challenge of digital broadcast media: NHK ( The Japanese broadcasting corporation), satellite, i (150.31 kB)

Li, M.
default  Chinese Cyber Nationalism in the Year of Olympics (219.09 kB)

Li, X.
default  Representing China by the Australian Public Broadcaster: Evolving or Stereotyped (115.92 kB)

Potter, A.
default  Reflecting on changes in children's television consumption: implications for producers and policy makers (66.16 kB)

Intercultural Communication
Anyanwu, C.
default  Socioeconomic benefits of Migration: African Migrants in Australia and Media Representation (94.39 kB)

Cools, C.
default  Challenges of language and communication for intercultural couples living in Finland (96.29 kB)

Khorana, S.
default  Diasporic Art: Writing/Visualising Back and Writing/Visualising into Being (61.23 kB)

Leong, S.
default  The Hindraf Saga: Media and Citizenship in Malaysia (123.68 kB)

Interpersonal And Small Group Communication
Dare, J.
default  Women and Friendship: The Role of Communication Technologies in Sustaining Critical Connections (78.89 kB)

Nelson, L. and Balnaves, M.
default  RSVP and the role of computer-mediated communication and digital personae in social media (85.5 kB)

Tananuraksakul, N.
default  Perceptual Power behind Non-Mediated Communication in an Australian Context (115.6 kB)

Journalism and News Media
Cinque, T.
default  A New Screen Face for Public Service Broadcasting (81.67 kB)

Comrie, M.
default  The People's Voice? The One News Election Road trip 08 (123.45 kB)

Daniel, A., Flew, T., and Spurgeon, C.
default  Consumer Trends in Digital News and Information in Australia (95.68 kB)

Duffield, L.
default  A news story as big as a doctoral thesis? Deploying journalistic methodology in academic research (101.51 kB)

Flew, T.
default  Online Media and User-Created Content: Case Studies in News Media Repositioning in the Australian Me (325.41 kB)

Hanusch, F.
default  Taking travel journalism seriously: Suggestions for scientific inquiry into a neglected genre (64.31 kB)

Meadows, M.
default  Putting the citizen back into journalism (86 kB)

Nolan, D.
default  Rethinking Journalism Culture and Authority: Beyond 'Professionalism' (74.58 kB)

Media and Citizenship
Debrett, M.
default  Leveraging trust: The politics of accountability and risk taking at the ABC (80.69 kB)

Hannis, G.
default  Visual communication in consumer journalism: The supra-textual design of Consumer magazine in New Ze (987.4 kB)

Harindranath, R.
default  Media audiences, public knowledge and democracy: an Indian example (68.29 kB)

Isakhan, B.
default  The Early Australian Press and the Middle Eastern 'Other' (75.48 kB)

Wilken, R.
default  Figures of Speech: Metaphors in the Mobile Phone Literature (82.16 kB)

Williamson, D.
default  'Civic Realism': Documentary and the Unfinished Business of Citizenship (59.92 kB)

Mobile Communication
Carah, N.
default  Enjoying Virgin's V festival (63.48 kB)

Nguyen, A.
default  The digital divide versus the 'digital delay': implications from a forecasting model of online news (93.55 kB)

Wei, D. and Qian, T.
default  The Mobile Hearth: A Case Study On New Media Usage and Migrant Workers' Social Relationships (85.29 kB)

Organisational Communication
Bakar, H.A., Mustaffa, C.S. and Mohamad, B.
default  Dyadic Relationships Quality and Team-Oriented Commitment (198.24 kB)

Fielden, K.
default  Hidden Communications, Organisational Borders and Mediation (80.55 kB)

Fulton, J.
default  Print journalism and the creative process: journalists and the organisation (114.66 kB)

Lawson, C.
default  'Real' police culture - communicating the crime prevention message within the Queensland Police Serv (66.64 kB)

Md Nordin, S., Halib, M., and Ghazali, Z.
default  The Impact of Formalization and Centralization on Organizational Communication: A Study on a Highway (120.35 kB)

Mills, C.
default  Making organisational communication meaningful: Reviewing the key features of a model of sensemaking about change communication (205.01 kB)

Peach, M.
default The utility of the Theory of Planned Behavior to foster employee support for organisational change - communication and engagement strategy and proving return-on-investment default (185.08 kB)

Zowislo-Grünewald, N. and Schulz, J.
default  Can theory guide praxis? - Theoretical considerations and empirical findings on academic research's (82.29 kB)

Political Communication
Croucher, G.
default  Framing public services: political communication and the citizen-consumer (73.58 kB)

Erjavec, K. and Volcic, Z.
default  Extreme Make-Over 'Balkan Style': Media Coverage of Radovan Karadzic's Arrest (136.08 kB)

Kirchhoff, L., Nicolai, T., Bruns, A., and Highfield, T.
default  Monitoring the Australian Blogosphere through the 2007 Australian Federal Election (Empty)

Macnamara, J.
default Australian federal government online public consultation trials: local learnings in e-democracy (87.7 kB)

Moody, K.
default  Media scepticism, media diets and media landscapes: A consideration of US versus Australian political information environments (70.43 kB)

Ward, I.
default  Lobbying as a public affair. PR and politics in Australia (263.05 kB)

Public Relations
Gill, R.
default  Building Employee Engagement and Reputation through Storytelling (86.12 kB)

James, M.
default  The construction of intended meanings: furthering understanding of the purpose of public relations (125.81 kB)

McDonald, L. and Widaningrum, W.
default  Muddy Waters: Lapindo Brantas' Response to the Indonesian Mudflow Crisis (100.92 kB)

Meyers, N., Hearn, G., Gray, H., and Sanzogni, L.
default  Codes of Conduct for mobile device use in meetings: An exploratory analysis (83.42 kB)

Radio - Audio - Sound Research and Practice
Barns, S.
default  Sydney Sidetracks: Listening in to 'history where it happened' using the ABC's television and radio (89.98 kB)

Dunn, A.
default  Medium specificity and cross-media production: Developing new narrative paradigms (115.87 kB)

Langdon, M.
default  The Melbourne Punk Scene in Australia's Independent Music History (74.83 kB)

Madsen, V.
default  Voices-cast: a report on the new audiosphere of podcasting with specific insights for public broadca (107.69 kB)

Richardson, I.
default  Audile Telepresence: a sonic phenomenology of mobile phones (66.62 kB)

Vale, J.
default  Piracy, pianolas and the internet (62.39 kB)

Science and Environmental Communication
Evans, S.M., Savage, J. and Nunoo, F.K.E.
default  Giving a voice to young people: the creative use of poetry and song by schoolchildren as a means of (64.87 kB)

Holgar, M, Foth, M. and Ferrero-Regis, T.
default  Communication Fashion as a Communication Medium to Raise Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Pra (241.25 kB)

Mackie, B.
default  Health Risk Communication: Reporting of Avian Influenza in New Zealand Newspapers 2002-2008 (111.81 kB)

McGaurr, L.
default  Putting the Globe in the Sphere: Climate-change Scientists in the Public Sphere (83.22 kB)

Speech Communication and Rhetoric
Gray, F.E.
default  Making yourself heard: Oral communication in the global accountancy workplace (55.9 kB)

Irvine, L.
default  Orals ain't Orals: How instruction and assessment practices affect delivery choices with prepared st (101.23 kB)

Visual Communication

Valuing Subjectivity In Documentary, Photography and the Media
Da Silva, M.

Lloyd, D. and Blakely, A.
default  Justice Denied (3.08 MB)