Media, Democracy and Change: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference 2010

Albury, K., Funnell, N. & Noonan, E.

default  The politics of sexting: Young people, self-representation and citizenship (473 kB)

Bossio, D.

default Defining "professionalism" within tertiary journalism studies (505.69 kB)

Burford, S.

default Web information architecture: A participatory practice (450.9 kB)

Chia, J.

default From the inside: Executives' social capital investment perspectives and the public relations researc (493.47 kB)

Coffee, S.

default Exploring creativity through freelance journalism: Testing out the systems model (408.15 kB)

Criticos, H.

default Centralisation in regional radio: Networking and localism in the Super Radio Network (446.18 kB)

Daniel, A., Flew, T. & Spurgeon, C.

default The promise of computational journalism (601.42 kB)

Devauld, C. & Green, L.

default "Don't throw anything away": Greenwashing in public relations (967.45 kB)

Dodd, A.

default Media training: It's time journalists got even (439.81 kB)

Ferguson, S.

default Social capital, lifelong learning, information literacy and the role of libraries (437.7 kB)

Fulton, J.

default Print journalism and the creative process: The social organisation of journalism and its influence on print journalists' creative practices (656.28 kB)

Fursdon, R. & James, M.

icon default Why are PR agencies blogging?: An exploratory study of the blogging practices of public relations agencies (505.13 kB)

Harindranath, R.

default Global and local "performance" of terror on the internet: Towards a framework for analysing different dimensions of mediated terrorism (491.91 kB)

Hebbani, A. & MacNamara, J.

default  Examining the impact of 'visible difference' on multiple marginalisation of Somali and Sudanese (662.88 kB)

Henryks, J. & Pearson, D.

default Marketing communications create confusion: Perception versus reality for Australian organic food consumers (598.36 kB)

Holland, K. & Blood, R.W.

default Not just another flu? The framing of swine flu inthe Australian press (591.03 kB)

Jensen, P.M.

default The international extent and elasticity of lifestyle television (632.25 kB)

Kershaw, J.

default "Such was the status of women . . . that at first The Australian Women's Weekly was hardly taken seriously at all": The humble beginnings of a cultural icon' (556.97 kB)

Killen, C.

default Investigating creativity in the production of Australian children's literature: Implications for future research (487.18 kB)

Koutsoukos, C.

default Koutsoukos, C. A five-year plan: Beyond the crumbling fortress (449.96 kB)

Koutsoukos, C. & Biggins, F.

default Putting the "i" into journalism education: The why and the how of the re-working of the journalism curriculum at the University of Newcastle (538.88 kB)

Lane, A.

default Modelling the process of dialogic communication in public relations: A role-based approach (500.12 kB)

Macnamara, J.

default Four gaps in public relations scholarship and practice: The need for new approaches (552.87 kB)

Marjoribanks, T., Nolan, D. & Farquharson, K.

default Media representations of Sudanese people in Australia: An initial analysis (488.59 kB)  

McIntyre, P.

default Communication and the creation of media content: A practitioner-based enquiry study of popular music songwriting (438.78 kB)

Molaei Farsangi, H.

default  Active netizens on Facebook: Case study of Indonesians' online participation regarding the 2009 presidential election (595.03 kB)

Morieson, L.

default  Reconsidering interactivity in online journalism: Two Australian case studies (475.3 kB)

Murphy, P.

default  Writing what cannot be written about: The poietics of creation (659.65 kB)

O'Sullivan, J. & Mills, C.

default  Making sense of stories: The interface between narrative, self and sense (505.96 kB)

Paton, E.

default  Potential effects of media use on adult creativity (453.26 kB)

Pearson, D. & Henryks, J.

default  Sustainable consumtion in Australia: A review of marketing strategies used in the local organic food sector (406.38 kB)

Polonska-Kimunguyi, E.

default  Media and democracy in Central and Eastern Europe: The promise of 1989 revisited (584.13 kB)

Reilly, B.

default  American influence on citizens through New Zealand commercial music radio (366.38 kB)

Reinthal, T.

default  "We'll both belong to the place": Developing cultural awareness through receptivity and recognition (519.65 kB)

Ricketson, M.

default  The practice of book-length journalism: Reframing the debate (432.37 kB)

Rodan, D.

default  Remaking the obese "self" in The Biggest Loser: Couples (Australia) (753.98 kB)

Rodan, D., Uridge, L. & Green, L.

default  Using nicknames, pseudonyms and avatars on HeartNET: A snapshot of an online health support community (498.39 kB)

Ryan, M.D. & Hearn, G.

default  Generation Next: Post-cinema Australian moviemaking, innovation and implications for cultural policy (539.56 kB)

Sandner, J.

default  Collaborative cultural production: Generative processes of participation in textual creation (719.01 kB)

Self, T.

default  Context-agnostic writing in modular documents (363.06 kB)  

Sergi, M.

default  Selecting a directorial methodology for a creative practice film (436.86 kB)

Simmons, P.

default  Disliking public relations: Democratic ideals and the habits of ethical communicators (436.18 kB)

Sligo, F., Tilley, E., Murray, N. & Comrie, M.

default  Community of practice as barrier to knowledge and skills: The case of apprentices' learning (575.26 kB)

Teague, C., Green, L. & Leith, D.

default  Watching me watching you: The use of CCTV to support safer work places for publice transport transit officers (404.79 kB)

Tilley, E. & Love, T.

default  Learning from Kaupapa Maori: Issues and techniques for engagement (589.62 kB)

Turner, B.

default  Food, citizenship and democracy: Contested representations of GMOs (422.7 kB)

Waller, L.

default  Singular influence: Mapping the ascent of Daisy M. Bates in popular understanding and Indigenous policy (613.1 kB)

Williams, K.

default  Re-reading the history of the trailer: The production and consumption of "recut" trailers (426.35 kB)

Williamson, D. default

default  Media and civics: A pedagogic strategy for integrating internet research and writing skills (386.7 kB)

Williamson, R.

default  Buying the creative life: The rhetorical function of Australian quilters' magazines as advocates for choice (523.63 kB)