Index of principal authors – ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2011

Anyanwu, C. default Continent on the edge: Communicating African migrants’ economic contributions to Australia (188.84 kB)
Archer, C., & Wolf, K. default Parenting in the media fast lane: The impact of new and traditional media on Australian mothers of young children (134.58 kB)
Ashwell, D. default  Does the public get the science media it deserves? PR professionals give their perspectives (148.95 kB)
Azariah, D. default Beyond the blog: The networked self of travel bloggers on Twitter (339.68 kB)
Balnaves, M. default  The social mood reader: Mapping citizen engagement using the semantic web and Supercomputing (245.29 kB)
Bateman, A. default  Watch, listen and learn: Observing children’s social conduct through their communication (418.89 kB)
Benjamin, B., et al., default  Incarcerated mothers: Relationships and recommendations (146 kB)
Benjamin J. default  The challenges of teaching communication courses in distance learning 3.3 (147.78 kB)
Bossio, D. default  The re-making of the “noble” soldier: A case study of coalition governments’ response to the Abu Ghraib scandal (137.06 kB)
Bourk, M. default  Tsunamis across Sri Lanka: Narratives of crisis when nature “strikes” (123.44 kB)
Bowd, K., Chia, J., & Richards, I. default  Community and connection in regional Australia and Canada: Regional media as a catalyst for social capital development (141.17 kB)
Bruce, T. default  Shifting the boundaries: Sportswomen in the media (254.16 kB)
Busch, R. default  Is mass-branded local identity oxymoronic? An historical perspective on radio regulation and ownership in Aotearoa New Zealand? (256.73 kB)
Chandler, R. C., & Chandler, C. default  Communication indicators of organizational integrity (CIOI) model: The rationale, theoretical construction, and practical applications (242.92 kB)
Connellan, K., Due, C., & Riggs, D default  Light lies: How does glass communicate in a mental health unit? (628.58 kB)
Furlan, P. default  Reporting medical stories in Australia… What is the place of public relations? (159.08 kB)
Grixti, J. default  Indigenous media boundaries: Reconsidering the binary of indigeneity and settler state (132 kB)
Hannis, G. default  Assessing students’ use of primary sources: A case study from the emerging discipline of Journalism Studies in New Zealand (149.15 kB)
Hardy, A. default  Matariki, commodity culture, and multiple identities (1.58 MB)
Hodis, G., & Hodis, F. A. default  Change in self-perceptions of communication competence: A comparative analysis of differences across gender and class rank (year of study) (189.65 kB)
Hutchins, B. default  “Robbing the world’s largest jewelry store”? Digital sports piracy, industry hyperbole, and barriers to an alternative online business model (116.88 kB)
Jackson, A. default  Changing channels: Television and transition in New Zealand’s documentary production ecology (143.41 kB)
Kelly, A. default  Police social networking: Relying on cheerleaders to help moderate the Facebook trolls (130.4 kB)
Kim, J., & Hatcher, C. default  Using performance management systems as identity products (169.7 kB)
Koutsoukos, C. default  Pardon the pun: It’s about religion, after all (129.74 kB)
Leaver, T., Balnaves, M., & Willson, M. default The ubiquity of information filtration (136.1 kB)
Mahoney, J. default  The butterflies from Brazil: Issues, contingency, and strategic communication (152.54 kB)
Manaf, A. M. default  The dynamics of communication in ethnically diverse groups: The experiences of academics (158.6 kB)
McGuire, M. default  Citizenship in online worlds (98.53 kB)
McIntyre, P. default  Bringing novelty into being: Exploring the relationship between “creativity” and “innovation” (148.38 kB)
O’Regan, T., & Balnaves, M. default  The ratings intellectual (161.57 kB)
Paterno, D. default  Of tail hooks and arresting wires: Coordinating communication discoveries in the classroom (137.97 kB)
Richardson, M., Simpson, M., & Zorn, T. default  Elder-organisation interactions: An examination of positive and negative experiences and their consequences (1.07 MB)
Rickard, S. default  The new Aussie wireless hotspot – home: End user investigations into wireless communications technologies within the home (248.68 kB)
Sandry, E. default  Dancing around the subject with robots: Ethical communication as a “triple audiovisual reality” (119.46 kB)
Sayers, J., & Brunton, M. default  Victims, villains and victors: Media framing of the NZ 2006 junior doctors’ strike (141.01 kB)
Skelton, C. default  Gender, the still image and interactive, lesbian themed web (TV) series (127.75 kB)
Sligo, F. default  “Although they are looking at the words, they are not actually reading”: Apprentices’ liminal literacy and literacy tutors’ dilemmas (156.9 kB)
Theunissen, P., & Rahman, K. A. default  Dialogue and two-way symmetrical communication in Public Relations theory and practice (354.43 kB)
Tilley, E., Fredricks, S., & Hornett, A. default  What are we teaching them? The impact of study level and age upon ethical decision-making by tertiary communication students from the United States and Aotearoa/New Zealand (188.6 kB)
Waller, D. S., & Massey, G. R. default A Study of personal beliefs of advertising and attitudes towards advertisements: Pollay and Mittal (1993) revisited (130.54 kB)
Werder, O. default  Selling “the beautiful game”: Cultural influences on soccer apparel advertising (196.51 kB)
Wolf, K. default  Activist communication: A critical reflection on an ethnographic research project (161.26 kB)
Wolf, K., & Archer, C. default  Shifting online: An exploratory study into PR consultants' attitude towards new media (527.59 kB)