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Index of principal authors – ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2012

ISSN 1448-4331

Editors: Dr Chika Anyanwu, Professor Kerry Green, Mr Jolyon Sykes

Refereeing statement: All articles published in these proceedings have been double-blind peer reviewed by a minimum of two referees.

Copyright statement: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australian License. To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons or send them a letter: Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94115, USA.

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List of papers

Anyanwu, Chika, Kerry Green and Jolyon Sykes, default Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century: A Critical Perspective (136.42 kB)
Balnaves, M., M. Willson, and T. Leaver, default Entering Farmville: Finding Value in Social Games (1.19 MB)
Ben-Harush, O., and J. Carroll, A Methodological Review of Using Smartphones’ Social Media Applications for Data Collection in a Location-based Study (Yet to come)
Betts, J., default Media Agendas, Robert Manne and Iraq: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantitative Analysis (167.48 kB)
Blackall, D., L. Blackall, and B. McNeil, default Wikinews - A Safe Haven for Learning Journalism, Free of the Usual Suspects of Spin and Commercial Agendas (167.8 kB)
Booker, E., default Tune Into Kids: How Children, Television Producers and Academics Can Further Our Understanding of Children and Their Engagement with Television and the New Digital Technologies (150.57 kB)
Castle, L., The Waft And Weave of Modern Australia's Social Fabric Viewed Through the Eyes of ‘New Australians’ (Yet to come)
Chesher, C., default FURO at Robotworld: Asymmetrical Metacommunication in Human-Robot Interactions (609 kB)
Costello, L., C. Witney, L. Green and V. Bradshaw, default Self-revelation in an Online Health Community: Exploring Issues around Co-presence for Vulnerable Members (186.81 kB)
Criticos, H., default From Deregulation to Regulation: A Change for the Better for Regional Radio? (133.37 kB)
Dejmanee, T., Online Presentation of Self: Political Identities and Media Events on Twitter (Yet to come)
Della, P., The Bodyline Approach: How the Fast Ball Skewed Clinical Communication (Yet to come)
Dixon, S., default The Rhetoric of Internet Regulation: How Language is Framed in a Changing Media Landscape (161.79 kB)
Duffy-York, S., default Organisation-Worker Communication: What Do We Know About Home Support Organisations Providing Services to Older People? (147.71 kB)
Dunne Breen, M., default Exclusion zones: Aboriginal Australians in Maralinga's Atomic Tests and Melbourne's default Argus Newspaper (228.88 kB)
Eggins, S. and D. Slade, Meeting the Communication Challenges of Bedside Nursing Shift Handovers (Yet to come)
Erevbenagie Usadolo, S. and J. Osayomore Oyemina, Beneficiary Focussed Communication for Innovation: Some Challenges (Yet to come)
Eunson, B., default New Media: Biohazard? Magical Thinking? Reframing the Debate (11.61 MB)
Eunson, B., default Plain English in Two Australian Organisations: Readability and Style Analysis (2.61 MB)
Flew, T., Globalization, Media Policy and Regulatory Design: Rethinking the Australian Media Classification Scheme (See AJC)
Fulton, J., default Journalists and Their Audience: A Changing Relationship? (149.19 kB)
Green, L., default  Children’s Interests in the National Classification Scheme (248.71 kB)
Guo, B., Seeking Channels for Public Space: Media Use and Political Engagement for China's Subculture Groups (Yet to come)
Gurney, M., default It's The Economy Stupid: Ethics and Political Discourse in the Australian Climate Change Debate (217.02 kB)
Han, G., default Nouveau-riche Racism and ‘Pure Blood’ Nationalism at Grassroots Level in the Korean Internet Space: A Media Narrative Analysis (210.56 kB)
Harindranath, R. and Sukhmani Khorana, default Anti-corruption Movements and the ‘Twittering Classes’ in the Postcolony: An Indian case study (161.4 kB)
Henryks J., and B. Turner, iconFarmers’ Markets: Consumer Meanings and Advertising (361.53 kB)
Holland, K. and R.W. Blood, default Exploring the Concept of ‘Biocommunicability’ through an Analysis of Journalists’ Talk about Reporting the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic (168.82 kB)
Kerrigan, S., P. Aquilia, and C. Payne, default Investigating a Global Tertiary Curriculum through Concepts of Eastern and Western Creativity (2.44 MB)
Killen, C., default Once upon a time: Constructing narrative and the role of storytelling in the (digital) future of Australian children's picture books (139.65 kB)
Mahoney, J., default Accepting the Challenge: Experiential Learning as a Contributor to Understanding Public Relations Strategy (152.77 kB)
Mann, A., default Power-shift: Changing dynamics and scales of action in food politics (192.96 kB)
Maras, S., default Contesting the Public Interest: The Selling of the Pentagon as a Case Study in Objectivity (198.87 kB)
McGregor, J. and M. Lee, Factors that Influence the Breadth and Depth of the Information Transferred at Clinical Handover (Yet to come)
McGuire, M., The ‘Kony 2012’ Internet Phenomenon (Yet to come)
McIntyre, P., default ‘How are Messages Created?’: Changes in Thinking about Communication Theory leading to a New Synthesis (172.28 kB)
Mills, C., Revealing the Interface between Materiality, Discourse, and Cognition: Findings from a Sense-making Study of Leadership Succession (Yet to come)
Oni, D., iconTradition, Innovation and Change in Contemporary Nigerian Theatre
Paterno, D., default Understanding Media in Context: The Renewed Relevance of Multilevel, Multichannel Communication Research (185.71 kB)
Reid, H. and K. McCallum, default ‘Weighing In’: The Australian's Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse in Northern Territory Indigenous Communities (234.71 kB)
Rickard, S. and C. Lloyd, default Fun and Useful Apps: Female Identity Construction and Social Connectedness using the Mobile Phone (989.96 kB)
Ross, T., default ‘Telling the Brown Stories’: The Crucial Role of Identity in New Zealand’s Pasifika News Media (180.56 kB)
Rutherford, L., J. Brown, H. Skouteris and M. Bittman, default What To Do When You Can’t (Afford To) Collect Your Own Data?: A Test Case using the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children to Investigate the Influence of Parental Context on Media Use and Obesity (581.87 kB)
Sezgin, D. and C. Bilgili, Public Health Communication Applications and Institutional Development in Turkey (Yet to come)
Sheehan, M., Lobbying in Australia: Child or Sibling of Public Relations (Yet to come)
Sligo, F., E. Tilley, M. Comrie, and N. Murray, default Adult Literacy Means More Than Skills: Learning About Communication from People with Liminal Literacy (174.51 kB)
Strongman, L., default ‘Missing Signposts?’: Tensions Between the Unitary and Pluralistic Components of Rational Arguments and Conflict Resolution in Organisational Communication (136.68 kB)
Swift, A. and Spurgeon, C., default Animating and Sustaining Niche Social Networks (166.55 kB)
Teague, C., and L. Green, default Using CCTV Footage as a Communication Training and Safety Resource (182.17 kB)
Tilley, E., default The Blame Game: Professional Stance and Ethical Self-examination in Public Relations (172.65 kB)
Turner, B. and J. Henryks, default The Risky Business of Food Waste: How to Promote Change through Communication (145.16 kB)
Uridge, L., D. Rodan, and L. Green, default A Moderator’s Dilemma: Munchausen Syndrome by Internet? (168.92 kB)
Waller, D., default  Advertising Cosmetics and a Backlash from Regulators: An Analysis of Blog Comments (97.41 kB)
Walsh, J. and N. Cominos, Clinical Handover in the context of Mental Health in South Australia (Yet to come)
Wang, Y., default Changing Communication in an Ageing Population: Older People and Organisations in New Zealand (164.26 kB)
Wang, Y., default The Discourse of ‘Modifying ETS’ (183.28 kB)
Williams, J., Social Media and Sociability among Late Adopter Internet Users: Community Stories (Yet to come)