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Publication author and title list

Azariah, Deepti. pdf “From Blogger to Book Author: Examining Self-Publishing, Self-Presentation and Discourse in Travel Blogs” (479 KB)

Bangaroo, Prabavathy and Weerakkody, Niranjala (Nina). pdf “The propaganda strategies adopted by the colonial British during the Malayan Emergency, 1948–1960 as applied in newspaper coverage: a case study” (495 KB)

Carson, Andrea. pdf “Possibilities and challenges of print investigative journalism in the digital age” (567 KB)

Davis, Mark. pdf “Questioning the network paradigm: the case of Amazon” (396 KB)

Dowd, Cate. pdf “Digital age psychogeography: drones, smartphones and rural wanderings” (676 KB)

Edmond, Maura. pdf “Participatory Culture in the Air: Between Grassroots Media Production and Expanded Audience Engagement” (148 KB)

Fordyce, Robbie. pdf “The Kulturtechniken of post-autonomist media theory” (283 KB)

Fox, Isabel and Finlayson, Amalie. pdf “Awareness of challenges and optimism for their future: mapping communication students’ attitudes towards employment prospects over their first year at university” (461 KB)

Fulton, Janet. pdf “Media entrepreneurship: alternative paths for media producers” (394 KB)

Fynes-Clinton, Jane. pdf “Not so social: Facebook, Twitter and the complicated part they play in a political relationship” (309 KB)

Gill, Robert. pdf “Using online media to more effectively engage with NESB students in a professional communication unit: an Australian case study” (499 KB)

Gleeson, Jessamy. pdf “Can online groups ever ‘change’ anything? A case study of the ‘Sack Vile Kyle’ campaign” (462 KB)

Green, Lelia and Holloway, Donell. pdf “0–8: very young children and the domestication of touchscreen technologies in Australia” (260 KB)

Green, Lelia; Holloway, Donell and Haddon, Leslie. pdf “How do parents and peers negotiate troubling peer-based digital interactions?” (440 KB)

Green, Lelia; Mahoney, Tos; Hope, Cat and MacKinney, Lisa. pdf “Publishing an archive: a meta-narrative of (be)longing” (232 KB)

Griff, Catherine. pdf “Breaching the fourth wall: social media exchange between screen creator and audience” (500 KB)

Heemsbergen, Luke. pdf “A collective case approach of theory building in media and politics: towards understanding transparency and governmentality through design and affordance” (231 KB)

Hollier, Scott and Brown, Justin. pdf “Web accessibility implications and responsibilities: an Australian election case study” (370 KB)

Holloway, Donell. pdf “Digital play: The challenge of researching young children’s Internet use” (365 KB)

Holloway, Donell; Green, Lelia and Holloway, David. pdf “Politics of fire in northern savanna lands: communication” (240 KB)

Hopkins, Kane. pdf “Role of senior communication practitioners in New Zealand Organizations” (665 KB)

Jack, Victoria and Scott, Paul. pdf “Juggling print and online editions: exploring the factors behind the development and allocation of editorial content for the Newcastle Herald’s print and online publications” (268 KB)

Kelly, Andrew and Finlayson, Amalie. pdf “The new Neighbourhood Watch: How the NSW Police Force uses Facebook for community engagement” (294 KB)

Leung, Linda. pdf “Looking across digital divides: possible interventions in inclusive and accessible service design” (420 KB)

Li, Leah Xiufang. pdf “Social networking sites: myth of Internet addiction in university students” (407 KB)

Liu, Xiaoting. pdf “Maintaining homeland network on various platforms: the Internet use of 1.5 generation Chinese migrants in New Zealand” (326 KB)

Ly-Le, Tuong-Minh. pdf “Danlait’s 2013 social media crisis in Vietnam: a case study to explore online crisis scanning criteria” (638 KB)

Macnamara, Jim. pdf “Being social: Missing prerequisites for online engagement, exchange and inclusion” (321 KB)

Macnamara, Jim and Dessaix, Anita. pdf “The ethics of ‘embedded’ media content – product placement and ‘advertorial’ on steroids?” (323 KB)

Maggs, Catherine. pdf “The idea of hacking – WikiLeaks and Counter-power” (358 KB)

Mason, Andrew. pdf “Digital social media is nothing new” (702 KB)

McCabe, Katherine. pdf “Policy, politics, and personalities: Tony Abbott's and Kevin Rudd's use of social media during the 2013 Australian federal election” (513 KB)

McIntyre, Phillip; Balnaves, Mark; Kerrigan, Susan; Williams, Claire and King, Evelyn. pdf “Creative industries in the Newcastle LGA: are they reliant on social media?” (353 KB)

Mills, Colleen and Arnaud, Nicolas. pdf “Understanding the collaborative action at the interfirm interface: The role of collaborative action narrative sequences” (506 KB)

Miroiu, Crisia. pdf “The selfies: social identities in the digital age” (283 KB)

Moore, Kyle. pdf “Software-sorted streets: Nintendo 3DS Streetpass and the reconfiguration of social interactions” (295 KB)

Mummery, Jane; Rodan, Debbie; Ironside, Katrina and Nolton, Marnie. pdf “Mediating legal reform: animal law, livestock welfare and public pressure” (373 KB)

Nolan, Sybil. pdf “The prequel to digital: charting the Age’s circulation history” (830 KB)

Order, Simon. pdf “Mobile music production: creativity in a dichotomous interface paradigm” (257 KB)

Rajkhowa, Arjun and Wang, Peiyi. pdf “Re-gendering the public sphere in India and China: online anti-sexual violence discourses and public protests” (740 KB)

Rodan, Debbie and Mummery, Jane. “Platforms and Activism: Sharing ‘My Make it Possible Story’ Narratives”

Rodrigues, Usha M. pdf “Indian public sphere in the social media era” (528 KB)

Sacco, Vittora and Zhao, Yanjun. pdf “Reporting conflicts with Storify: an exploratory study on audience response and reaction” (577 KB)

Simmons, Peter. pdf “Community engagement as ‘core business’ for communicators working in Australian local government” (307 KB)

Simons, Margaret and Buller, Bradley. pdf “Dead trees and live links – what good are newspapers?” (368 KB)

Sutherland, Thomas. pdf “Social media and the slow death throes of diachrony” (447 KB)

Uridge, Lynsey; Green, Lelia; Rodan, Debbie and Cullen, Trevor. pdf “A vulnerable community of heart patients re/constructs media stories about cardiovascular disease” (352 KB)

van der Vlies, Marina and Watson, Amanda H A. pdf “Can mobile phones help reduce teacher absenteeism in Papua New Guinea?” (316 KB)

Van Ryn, Luke. pdf “The political ecology of practices at work in MasterChef Australia(489 KB)

Vivienne, Sonja; Potter, Martin; and Thomas, Pradip. pdf “Free and open source software (FOSS) as a tool for digital citizenship: preliminary surveys in India and Australia” (590 KB)

Waller, David. pdf “Online media as an information source: some preliminary findings” (297 KB)

Wilkinson, David. pdf “Narrative form and interactivity in the modern videogame” (304 KB)

Williams, Jocelyn, Ravi Bhat, Geoff Bridgman, Sara Donaghey, Malama Saifoloi, Marcus Williams and Paul Woodruffe. pdf “Linking the spaces between: An interdisciplinary media content production project for community engagement” (300 KB)

Wong, Shiau Ching. pdf “Generating a voice among media monsters: the case study of the anti-media monopoly movement in Taiwan” (534 KB)

Woodrow, Nina. pdf “Working on the edge: exploring the creative tensions experienced by practitioners facilitating participatory media projects with refugees and asylum seekers in Australia” (433 KB)

Zhu, Runping (Serene). pdf “Media use by foreign students in Chinese universities in the process of cultural adaptation” (503 KB)