ANZCA Conference Proceedings 2015

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ISSN: 1448-4331

Editors: Dr David Paterno, Dr Michael Bourk and Dr Donald Matheson

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Publication authors and titles

ali Alshaikh, Ala'a Bakur. pdf The adoption of communication strategies to comply contemporary definition of nationalism via employment policy in Saudi Arabia (126 KB)

Al-Saggaf, Yeslam,  and Chutikulrungsee, Tharntip Tawnie. pdf Twitter usage in Australia and Saudi Arabia and influence of culture: A cross-country comparison (415 KB)

Ashwell, Douglas. pdf A teething problem: An examination of how the 2013 Waikato fluoridation debate was reported by the Waikato Times (422 KB)

Balnaves, Mark, Melanie James and Janet Fulton. pdf Situational theory of the digital persona: Public relations for non-human internet agents (454 KB)

Bannister, Matthew. pdf Love and second sight: Bergson and romantic comedy (404 KB)

Bello, Semiu. pdf Dissemination of health information by Nigerian newspapers: A correlation analysis on the health behaviours of newspaper readers in Nigeria (503 KB)

Cao, Xiaojie. pdf Politicizing images: Censorship and iconic resistance in Chinese cyberspace (504 KB)

Criticos, Harry. pdf Local and localism: The broadcasting dialectic (428 KB)

Davis, Mark. pdf Dumpster diving with the professors: e-books, technological disruption, and the persistence of print media (398 KB)

Dey, Subrata. pdf Remediation of novels in the digital era: Beyond the “book metaphor” (400 KB)

Donkin, Ashley, Holloway, Donell, and Green, Lelia. pdf Towards an online ethnography of children's virtual worlds: A review of current literature and research methods (409 KB)

Elund, Jude, Lelia Green, and Carmen Guinery. pdf Using collaborative review to deepen conceptual engagement? (148 KB)

Fulton, Janet. pdf New media entrepreneurship: Building credibility online (129 KB)

Green, Lelia, Cat Hope, Kylie Stevenson, and Tos Mahoney. pdf Archiving the new, now, for future users yet unknown (148 KB)

Greensmith, Glynn and Lelia Green. pdf Rethinking the reporting of the mass random shooting – or is it an autogenic massacre? (133 KB)

Gultom, Dwie Irmawaty. pdf Rethinking disaster communication: Community radio as an act of participatory disaster communication (404 KB)

Hess, Kristy and Waller, Lisa. pdf Open justice or social injustice? News reporting of non-convictions in digital space (389 KB)

Hickmott, Becky and Mills, Colleen. pdf Interagency communication: A review of interagency emergency response teams (IERTs) and their communication when responding to vulnerable people (207 KB)

Holloway, Donell, Holloway, David and Green. Lelia. pdf Geo-based technologies, tourists and bushfires in northern Australia (406 KB)

Johnson, Rosser and Bieldt, Nemane. pdf Promoting a promotional culture: a case study of the Junior Franklin County News (536 KB)

Holloway, Donell. pdf Children and young people’s emotional literacy in a networked world (370 KB)

Kremmer, Christopher. pdf The Gatekeepers’ Legacy: Professionalism, ethics and expertise in the Age of Citizen Journalism (417 KB)

Jiajie Lu. pdf Theorising the impacts of digitally mediated social interaction on diasporic identity formation: A case of Chinese diaspora in Australia (389 KB)

McIntyre, Joanna. pdf Mass Communication, Minority Representation, and National Identity (424 KB)

McIntyre, Phillip. pdf Creative Industries and Identity: From Older Conceptions to New Models of Creativity (403 KB)

Mills, Colleen. pdf Exploring the entanglement of discourse, geosocial environment and work identity during an organizational change (251 KB)

Nairn, Angelique, Nelson, Frances and Johnson, Rosser. pdf Power and persuasion: Constructing identity in religious communication (427 KB)

Nguyen, Li and McCallum, Kerry. pdf Critical Metaphor Analysis from a communication perspective: A case study of Australian news media discourse on Immigration and asylum seekers (140 KB)

Oni, Duro. pdf Film and Video Censors Regulation in Nigeria and its Implications for Internationalisation: Interrogating Adichie/Bandele’s Half of a Yellow Sun (513 KB)

Order, Simon and O’Mahony, Lauren.  pdf Active Aging in Community Radio (531 KB)

Paterno, David. pdf A New Direction for Communication Theory: Medium as Instantiated in Communication (403 KB)

Pearson, David, Mirosa, Miranda, Andrews, Lynda and Kerr, Gayle. pdf Communication for environmental sustainability: Opportunities to improve communications for encouraging individuals to reduce food wastage (403 KB)

Richardson, Nicholas. pdf Political Upheaval in Australia: Media, Foucault and Shocking Policy (421 KB)

Sharman, Nick. pdf Representation of humour: Abbie Hoffman, the New York Times and the Chicago conspiracy trial (413 KB)

Stevenson, Kylie, Green, Lelia and Haddon, Leslie. pdf Learning “as it goes down the line”: Siblings and family networks in the acquisition of online skills (407 KB)

Todhunter, Stewart  and Penny de Byl. pdf A sense of physical books in our digital society (191 KB)

Uwalaka, Temple. pdf Nairaland and the Reconstruction of the Public Sphere in Nigeria (456 KB)

Watkins, Jerry, Pegoraro, Ann, and Scott, Olan K. pdf “My feckin heart!!”: Differences in cross-platform sports fan conversation (401 KB)

Zhao, Elaine Jing. pdf Refashioning viewing experience with mobile media: A comparison of two trajectories in China (399 KB)