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ANZCA Executive: Changes since 2014 – 2015

Donald Matheson has replaced Diana Bossio as President and Diana is now Immediate Past President; Phillip McIntyre, convenor of the 2016 conference, is now Vice-president; and the position of Vice-president Elect is now vacant, pending the announcement of the 2017 conference. Janet Fulton is combining her role as Conference Guide Co-ordinator with that of NSW representative in the lead-up to the 2016 conference; Jonathon Hutchinson is the second NSW rep; Scott Rickard is now the sole ACT Rep; the sole Qld Rep is Marilyn Mitchell; Sal Humphreys is the sole SA Rep; and Michele Willson is the sole WA Rep. The New Zealand reps are Giles Dodson, Elizabeth Gray, Colleen Mills, and Mary Simpson. Elizabeth Goode replaces Emily Van der Nagle as the second Australian Postgrad Student Representative.